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The concept behind the 'Donate Happiness' campaign is to initiate promotion and mobilization efforts in support of the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation phase in the aftermath of the recent devastating floods in Pakistan Ali Noor, Noori Band

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What is Khayal Rakhna

Donate Happiness is a charity drive initiated by popular music band, noori. The objective of this drive is to share a few moments of happiness with children displaced by the recent Floods in Pakistan. The emphasis of this drive is on taking early initiatives in the dealing with the aftermath of this calamity. As we move into the rehabilitation long haul, and as displacement fatigue increases, activities like Donate Happiness will be vital for the emotional and mental well being of the affectees, especially the children.


How do you Donate Happiness

We are helping put together Happiness Packages for children, which will be personally distributed by noori and volunteers, at selected relief camps during Eid season. Providing a little entertainment (magic show, clown antics, movie show etc.) to these children is also on the agenda.

What is our Rationale?

What's in the Happiness Package
We are collecting the following items to be distributed among children between the age group of 5-15 years:
  • a. Coloring Books and Coloring Pencils (Rs. 100)
  • b. Toy items: Balls, B qats, Rackets, Board Games, small toys for little kids (Rs. 500)
  • c. School Bag or a pair of Shoes (Rs. 300-500)
  • d. Candies, Chips etc.(Rs. 100)
  • e. Gifts for the rest of their family - items like torch lights, radios, blankets, cooking utensils (cutlery), hygiene and health items (soap bars, water disinfectants, O.R.S) (Rs. 500)
  • Total estimated cost per package: Rs. 1500-1700 (the exact items will vary from package to package, but the cost value will be round about the abovementioned amount)

How to Contribute

  • Donate Happiness
  • Volunteer to Collect Happiness
  • Promote Happiness


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Get in Touch

(It is a requirement to get a picture of the donor - every collector must have a camera along - must take name and contact info (email, ph. no) of donor - donor has right to refuse information

Email: khayalrakhna@gmail.com
Tel.: Call OSAMA @ 89088830